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Under Armour 401(k) Plan


Under Armour' s 401(k) plan appears, compared to others we have viewed, relatively appealing and shows a commitment that the company has to its employees in helping them save for retirement. However, we offer some highlights or our critique below:


  • Under Armour matches employees contributions 100% for the first 3% and 50% for the next 2% and vesting is immediate.
  • Under Armour offers many other programs to save and grow retirement.  The Employee Stock Purchase (ESPP) offers employees a 15% discount to the market price in Under Armour stock.  The deferred compensation plan offers to defer taxes (except payroll taxes) and invest pay until separation from the company, all be it with many rules.  And, the employee stock option plan allows employees to benefit in growth at no cost.


  • Many of the plans investments lack transparency, have high turnover and are expensive, to include the target dated funds .  A few good funds are layered into the plan, but creating a clear diverse strategy with them appears hopeless - likely leading many employees to the target dated funds.
  • The Employees Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) limits contributions at $2500 per period.  This amount appears small compared to most, but makes sense considering the dramatic rise and fall of Under Armour stock over the years.