Are Sanofi Savings Plan Funds Involved in Charges Against T. Rowe Price?


Sanofi Savings Plan utilizes T. Rowe price for administration and management of its Savings Plan.  Recently T Rowe Price was accused of charging excessive mutual fund fees and a breach of its fiduciary duty.  The names of the funds described in the article "Blue Chip Growth Fund" don't appear to be in the Sanofi Savings Plan, but you still could not rule out foul play or similar behavior in Sanofi Savings Plan active mutual funds, as the charges appear to be subjective in nature as to the size of the funds and the fees paid.  Though I doubt there is foul plan in Sanofi Savings Plan's case.  You probably could rule out excessive fees in the index funds, as these indexes look to be a re-branding of Vanguards' indexes at similar prices.

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